All meetings are open to members of the public and the agenda includes an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of the council.

Notice of the meeting giving the date, time and venue along with the agenda is issued three clear days before each meeting and posted here on the website, see below, and also, where possible, to the noticeboards at the Parish Council office in Arden Hall. In the event of a change to any meeting dates, notification will be posted at the Parish Council office as soon as possible before the intended meeting.

After the meeting, the minutes – the public record of what took place – will be available to read here and a paper copy will be available at the Parish Council Offices. Copies of agendas, reports, background papers and minutes are available from the Parish Council office at a nominal cost.

Even though all the council’s meetings are open to the public, please note that sometimes the council may have to discuss matters of a confidential nature, in which case the press and public will be asked to leave the meeting for that part of the Meeting.
An outline of meeting procedure can be downloaded here.

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Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutesSupporting Documents
Wed 11th Dec, 2024Leisure Services CommitteeNA
Wed 13th Nov, 2024Finance and General Purposes CommitteeNA
Wed 9th Oct, 2024Leisure Services CommitteeNA
Wed 11th Sep, 2024Finance and General Purposes CommitteeNA
Wed 4th Sep, 2024Leisure Services Committee (if needed)NA
Wed 10th Jul, 2024Finance and General Purposes CommitteeNA
Wed 12th Jun, 2024Leisure Services CommitteeNA
Wed 29th May, 2024Parish Council MeetingNA
Wed 15th May, 2024Finance and General Purposes Committee Download DownloadNA
Wed 24th Apr, 2024Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Fri 12th Apr, 2024Staffing Committee Download DownloadNA
Wed 10th Apr, 2024Leisure Services Committee Download DownloadNA
Wed 27th Mar, 2024Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Wed 13th Mar, 2024Finance and General Purposes Committee Download DownloadNA
Wed 6th Mar, 2024Annual Parish Assembly 2024 DownloadNA
Wed 28th Feb, 2024Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Wed 7th Feb, 2024Leisure Services Committee Download DownloadNA
Wed 31st Jan, 2024Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Wed 17th Jan, 2024Finance and General Purposes Meeting Download DownloadNA
Wed 17th Jan, 2024Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting (precept) Download DownloadNA
Wed 10th Jan, 2024Staffing Committee Download Download